Dealer Consultant

As a Dealer Consultant we will focus on your company's strengths and weaknesses and streamline the areas that need attention to blend with your company's strong points. Making the minor changes that will maximize your profitability.

As visionaries and entrepreneurs, we are motivated by new opportunities and challenges. With over 40 years of Automotive Industry experience and international contacts, Patrick Lambert is equipped to help you make the right connections to take your business, project or investment goals to the next level.

Inventory Management

In the area of Inventory Management the days of determining the water in your pre-owned vehicles has evolved to advanced DMS and analytical software that should let your management staff be aware of unbalance. Our procedure will extend from the analytical, whether we do it, or utilize your system.

We will then determine the acceptable level considering your stores turn rate and day supply. Then in harmony with your stores finical picture through our team of associates, we will move to realign your inventory to the acceptable mark. This process will be totally transparent to you as to prevent any surprises at the end result. We will close by training and following up with your staff, so this stays in balance in the future.

Bank Remarketing

Physical auctions, are becoming cost prohibitive for lenders. The costs associated with transporting vehicles to a physical auction location, plus additional sale fees, and the "time to the actual sale of the vehicle" are costing the lender hundreds of dollars per unit. The longer the car sits on the auction lot, the more expensive it becomes. With banks taking on a growing number of repossessions, they need to look to new ways of turning this extra inventory to money. Re marketing vehicles with allows your in bank managers to re market vehicles from their office quickly, therefore lowering costs.

At we use top notch analytic software available today to give us the ability to have recovered vehicles priced at real-time market values and sold online or hand sold by our staff, while the vehicle remains in our possession, at the banks holding area, or on the recovery agent's lot. The software provides...National retail, wholesale, both regional & national auction reports, and comparable views of like vehicles to the one we are looking to re market. All this including Car-Fax & Auto check documentation.

This allows relocation expense only when the lender see's the need. Whether the inspection is conducted by us or at the recovery agent's location, The re marketing process can start as soon as the lawful time limit has been reached.

Bank Remarketing will be handled for 5% of the sale price plus any expenses, and be very transparent due to the situation at hand. All storage, repo, recon, other appraisal fees, and freight to and from any holding facilities, will be paid by the Bank.


One of our services at is to locate vehicles for both individuals and corporations.

After utilizing our locator service, our experience shows it to be to the clients benefit to ​​prepare before the visit to the dealership.

Streamlining the negotiation process is advantageous to both purchaser and dealer.

Several elements weigh into this process, a couple of examples are;

For the client: pre-determining the dealers reputation and evaluating manufacturers incentives available to the dealer and customer at the time of purchase.

For the dealer: pre-evaluation of the clients model selection, and financial ability.

Whether purchasing one vehicle, or a fleet of vehicles...An informed buyer is Confident, and a dealer,Confident that a transaction is possible, will make for an effortless negotiation.

We are prepared to spend the time to make this happen for you.


Bank, Estate, and Insurance appraising are done for a 5% fee plus expenses, (travel etc.) with a minimum of $500. Litigation and Deposition Consulting are billed at $250 per hour, plus expenses.